Saying “Thank You” To Your Beginning!

During one of my Doubtful Dorothy Land mind-cations. You know the location don’t you? It’s where brilliant minds go to question if everything that is amazing and awesome within them is really flatulence. It’s right in-between, “Girl go back to a 9-5 street” and “You are a goal-getting unicorn. Your crown is made of the glitter that fell off of Michael Jackson’s shoes and jasmine oils, go get-em Sis boulevard!”
My apologies I digressed really hard just now. Anywho, while in that headspace I got some great advice from my husband. During our conversation I mentioned feeling like what I am doing isn’t gaining any traction and my time in entrepreneurville was going to have to come to an end.
He said, Babe (<–tee-hee) “Their ending can’t be your beginning. You are doing an amazing job and are on a journey that is going to take you far. You’ve got this!” (Randomly interjected advice: When vacationing at Doubtful Dorothy Land, it is absolutely necessary for those of you who do a heavy amount of pouring out, to have a support system in place with people who can pour into you and vice versa).
What stood out to me was when he said:
“Their ending can’t be your beginning.”
As we all know, doing something new or something different from scratch always pulls on our biggest insecurities. We live in a world where everyone showcases their glory, but seldom reveals their story. So it would appear to those with very little knowledge of how things work on the quieter side of town that there was no work involved with the announcement of the overnight sensations. LIES….
Transparently even I need to be reminded of that. There are days, weeks, months, and years put into business and branding. On my way back to “You are a goal-getting unicorn. Your crown is made of the glitter that fell off of Michael Jackson’s shoes and jasmine oils, go get-em Sis boulevard!” I picked up a little something that I am dedicating myself to each day. (Feel free to try this with me!)
I am going to say Thank you to my beginning!
Each night I am going to write down three things I am thankful for in my business. I don’t care if it’s as strange as the batteries on my mouse holding out until the end of day or something as silly as my very important post-it defying gravity on my wall despite my three-year-old crumpling it up three times.
I will be at peace with my starts, middles and endings as they come in both my business and personal life!
With my branding business, I always encourage my clients to share their story and their truth. I encourage them to push past their fears and do things that may seem uncomfortable in order to expose their products and services. I champion them as they gain new understanding of how things work with their brand.
There are times when things won’t go our way…clearly. You will run into challenges and feel like our message just isn’t reaching anyone. The truth is, you’d be surprised how many people are quietly waiting in line for your next move. They desire to get a closer view of what amazingness you will pull from your hat next. I encourage you to keep going, keep dreaming and never give up on your purpose!

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